Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Beta review!

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Beta REVIEW!

tirsdag den 19. oktober 2010

Splinter Cell: Conviction "Tips & Trix"

1# "Stay in the dark"
In Splinter Cell: Conviction, it's akways important to stay in the shadows. This allows you to stay hidden untill an enemie is really close. Remember to move slow as long you're in the dark, as this will help you stay undetected.

2# "Use only one bullet pr. kill"
Using more than one bullet pr. kill, will result in your enemie becoming aware of your presence. They will start yelling and shooting wich will atract other gurad to your position. So save your bullets.

3# "Always attach silencer"
The most important thing about your weopons, is the silencer. If a silencer isn't attached to your weopon it will lead to your enemies, always knowing your position when shooting someone. This will atract other guards to your last known position.

4# "have patience"
In this game it's always important that you take your time to figure out how to attack your enemies. If an attack isn't planned well enough it could result in and alarm going of, a security cam spotting you or a gurd starting to shoot at you. This will make the process of completing your mission more complicated.

5# "Use alot of melee kills"
The best way to kill an enemie in Splinter Cell: Conviction, is to silently killing them up close. This is silent and can't go wrong, as long as you move in a slow tempo and stay hidden in the shadows.

6# "Execute as much as possible"
When melee killing an enemie you'll gain an "execute mark". This allows you to mark and execute an enemie, with no chance of missing. Though it's tough to gain execute marks, it's easy to use them, and is much faster than trying to aim at your enemies head and then hope for a clean hit.

That was all we had this time in "tips  & trix" but stay tuned for more ways to improve your gaming skills!

mandag den 18. oktober 2010

Splinter Cell Double Agent vs Splinter Cell Conviction

Splinter Cell: Double Agent and Splinter Cell: Conviction are two of the most famous Splinter Cell games out there. They are both totally unique their own way and delivers a great gaming experience. But beeing two of the most played Splinter Cell games, also means that you do have to compare them to one another. And that's exsacly what we'll do here. We'll be comparing them in storyline, graphics, gameplay and controls So get ready!

Storyline:Splinter Cell Double Agent and Splinter Cell Conviction are two games that both are driven by a very similar story, since they're both based on Sam Fishers daughters tragic death.
Double Agents story starts of when Sams daughter gets hit by a car and dies. This leads to him, going completely nuts. To get him up and running again his boss asigns him to an underciver mission, to stop an evil terrorist orgenisation. He starts of in prison, where he quickly makes friends with some of the natives. They then help him to infiltrate this terrorist orgenisation. That's pretty much the story of Double Agent.
In Conviction, Sam starts of by getting a phone call from a former colleague. She tells him that his daughter didn't die at the car accident and she knows where she is. All he needs to do is finding her. And ofcourse help his former company to avert an attack from, you guessed it, an evil terrorist orgenisation.
So as you can see, the stories of the two games are very similar. And that might be exsacly what does that I think that double Agent has the best storyline. The reason for this is that I just feel that I've already seen the story of Conviction. It doesn't really add anything new to the story.
SCORE: Double Agent 1 - Conviction 0

Graphics: Now, the first thing you'll properbly notice when firering up Splinter Cell Conviction is the very, VERY good graphics. Pretty much everything is looking good, and I'm talking everything from the smallest bullethole in somebodys head, to the very realistic charecter modeling of Sam and your enemies. So it's no secret that the, ok-ish graphics of Double Agent, is no match to Conviction. But I'm not gonna be comparing those two on graphics. I'm gonna be comparing them on how innovative the two games where, graphics wise. Splinter Cell: Double Agent didn't do much to reinvision, the level of graphics available at the time of its release. But what it did do though, was to step up the level of detail, on the different charecters in the game. This resulted in some really great in-game cutscenes. But beyond that, there isn't really much new to be had in this game. It's a beautiful game, but certanly not one of the most innovative of it's time.
Splinter Cell: Conviction though, has a much higher level of detail in it's enviorments than most other games, that came out back then. Also,  the charecter modeling has been improved alot wich results in even more beautiful in-game cutscenes, than Splinter Cell: Double Agent. So Splinter Cell: Conviction, gets a point for it's very innovative style of upping the graphics for, not only the charecter models, but for the really great enviorments of Convicion as well.
SCORE Splinter Cell: Double Agent 1 - Splinter Cell: Conviction 1

Gameplay: Splinter Cell: Double Agent consists of one main gameplay style, and that is "stealth". Although only one gameplay style may seem to be a lack of care for the game from the developers, it's actually not that bad. The stealth in Splinter Cell: Conviction is really good, do to the new thinking from the Ubisoft Montreal team. Because instead of giving us a slow stealth game, where you just watch guards walking back and forth, Double Agent actually ads some speed and action into your regular stealth gameplay. It requires you plan your attacks well and be really fast when you attack. This just shows how much time Ubisoft must have used when developing this game.
Now, Splinter Cell: Conviction takes alot of the same "stealthy-action-speed" gameplay style from Double Agent, but refines it. This means that you in Conviction have to plan your attacks even better and alot more precise than in Double Agent. This also leads to you taking some serious risks of beeing spotted by the other guards or simply failing in killing the guards that you attack. But in Conviction, these risks are worth taking, since you'll feel like a reall badass spy if you succeed. Besides the refined stealth gameplay, Slpinter Cell: Conviction, ads alot more action into the game. So sometimes instead of sneaking around with your little silenced hand gun, you'll actually run around, shooting up enemies with your machinegun. This ads alot of variety in the game and never makes you feel like you're just doing the same things over and over again.
So I'm gonna give Splinter Cell: Conviction one point.
SCORE Splinter Cell: Double Agent 1 - Splinter Cell: Conviction 2

Controls: There is really not much to say about the controls in these two games. I mean Splinter Cell: Double Agent didn't really do anthing at all to change its control layout and neither did Conviction. So here I gotta say, it's a tie. One point for Conviction and one point for Double Agent.
SCORE Splinter Cell: Double Agent 2 - Splinter Cell: Conviction 3

Splinter Cell wins do to the greater variety of gameplay and the very, VERY good graphics.

Splinter Cell Week Schedule!

Monday 10-18-2010: Splinter Cell: Double Agent vs  Splinter Cell: Conviction
Tuesday 10-19-2010: Splinter Cell: Conviction "tips & trix"
Wednesday 10-20-2010: Splinter Cell: Conviction Multiplayer comparrison
Thursday 10-21-2010: Multiple Splinter Cell videos on my YouTube page
Friday: 10-22-2010: Best Splinter Cell Game of ALL time
Saturday: DAY OFF! preparing for Splinter Cell Conviction Review on Sunday
Sunday: 10-24-2010: BIG Splinter Cell Conviction Review on my blog

- Schedule may change so STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES!

lørdag den 9. oktober 2010

"Tips and Trix" #1 AC: Brotherhood beta

Here's Some tips and tricks for the AC: Brotherhood Beta.

Tip #1, "Smoke Bomb Pursuit" (Required: Smoke Bomb)
When beeing hunted by another player a smoke bomb can be very useful to escape your pursuier. It can be used as a way of temporary stoppong your enemie from hunting you, but it can also be used as a method of completly escaping your foe. This is done by stopping up when beeeing hunted and then try to spot your pursuier. When you see him you wait untill he's almost right next to you. Now you throw a smoke granade to stop him, and then you can get up close wit him. When standing right beside him you then press the O bottun (circle), this alowes you to humiliate him by punching him in the head and by that stopping him in his pursuit.
Tip #2, "Morph Target" (Required: Morph)
In the beta you will also be able to perform the "morph" abilitie. This abilitie alows you to transform the group of people wich you're hiding in to morph into the charecter that you play as. This makes it difficult for your pursuier to find since there will proberbly be five of you instead of just one.
Now this power can also be used to track down an enemie. Cause' when an enemie uses this abilitie it's gonna confuse you and you'll kill an innocent instead of the actual target. So instead of using all that time to find out who's your target, you can simply morph that group of people and the one charecter that doesn't morph will be your target.
A simple way of locating your target.
Tip #3, "Stay High"
When pursuing your target it's always a good thing to stay on the roof tops both when you're in high and low profile. Not only does this let you keep an eye on your target the whole time, but it allows you to keep following him even when he shuts a door behind him to block your path. And even better is it that if you kill your target stealthy from a roof top you'll gain a alot more xp than you would by a regular stealth kill.
-Keep in mind that staying on rooftops will make it very easy for your pursuier to spot you, since it's impossible for you to blend in with any crowd-
Tip #4, "Be Paranoid"
In AC: Brotherhood it's always good to be VERY paranoid. This means that you constantly have to watch your back everywhere you go. Cause' remember that the really hardcore players knows exacly how to look like an ordenary NPC. So nomatter where you are you should always be awere of your enemie.

These are my "tips and trix" for the AC brotherhood beta

see ya----- PeteTheGamer;)     

"Tips and Trix"

In the future I will be making a new sort of posts on my blog. These posts will be called "Tips and Trix". It will be a series of posts where I will be telling you about a lot of cool tips and tricks you can do in the game that I'm refering to in post. To give you an excample I will be posting an Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Beta "tips and trix" right after I've posted this... Stay tuned.

See Ya-----PeteTheGamer;)

onsdag den 6. oktober 2010

LATE Assassin's Creed Brotherhoood multiplayer beta review

Finally! The Assassin's Creed Brotherhood multiplayer beta is here! And can now be downloaded from plastation store.
AC brotherhood is the newest addition to the Assassin's Creed fanchize. It has been set to come out in November, but now the happy Ps3 owners can download the exclusive multiplayer beta.
So what is AC brotherhood? Well he game itself is a direct sequel to AC II. You will once again step into the Animus and here you will, once again, play as Ezio Auditore de Firenze. But this time he's not just the young boy we left in AC 2. No now he's all grown up and is now the leader of hes very own brotherhood of assassins.
In the beta you will get to try one of the two different multiplayer modes there is to be found in AC brotherhood. This mode is called ''wanted''.
What the ''wanted'' mode is, is you selecting one of eight different charecters.
You can play as either the barber, the doctor, the nobleman, the prowler, the priest/monk, the courtesan, the engineer and the executioner.
Each charecter has got their own unique style of killing their enemies. Fx. the barber uses his razor blade to get behind people and then slit their throat.
Now there is also another charecter. This is the smugler. The smugle is the closest you'll get to a female Ezio or Altair. She's got a hidden blade like we're used to, but this times instead of beeing under her arm, it's now on top of her arm. Now the smugler is only playable when beeing disguised. You'll morph into a smugler in a short period of time. ''disguising'' is an unlockable abilitie like ''morphing'', ''hidden gun''and 'smoke bomb''. These gets unlocked as you gain more experience throughout the game.
As I mentioned ealier there are two game modes. Wanted and Alliance. In "wanted" you choose between the charecters that are available (only one of each charecter pr. match) and your objective is then to find and kill a target that is given to you as stealthy as possible. But while hunting this target you will be hunted as well by another player. You can have multiple hunters at once depending on how good you're doing in the match. If you're doing awesome and lieing in the top of the list, you will automaticly have more hunters. This ofcourse makes for a very challenging game as it's impossible to spot your pursuier if he's being very stealthy. The reson why your enemie (and yourself when you're hunting someone) has to be stealthy, is because when he spots you and you get into his line of sight he has to start walking instead of running. Cause if he starts running inside your "area" you will be alerted and you can now make your escape. It is possible to be killed by your pusuier but it's easyer for you to spot him now since he'll proberbly be running.
The only way to escape your hunter is to, first of all, break the line of sight by running around a corner or jump of a building. Second of all you have to find the nearest haystack, bench or group of people to hide. in This will make your "escape meter" (in the right of the screen) go empty alot faster. Keep in mind if your target gets to close to you, you will have to escape and by that fill up your "escape meter" and you'll have to start over and try to escape. Now though this may sound fun it can be rather frustrating. Simply because sometimes when your pursuier is 2-5 meters behind you, and you then jump of a building, you will sometimes teleport back onto the building and then get killed by your enemie. This can be really frustrating since you'll lose your killstreak.
But when the multiplayer does work, it works GREAT! It's really fun and challenging and makes you feel like a really badass assassin when snekaing up on your contract and slitting hes throat with you knife, without anybody seeing anything.
The differnt abilities you can get are fun to use and it's good to know that the better you get the harder it gets.
Now although this mode isn't in the beta i can still tell you a bit about the "Alliance" mode. This mode is pretty much your ordanary "Team Deathmatch". You are divided into four teams where every one on each team are the same charecter. Fx. a team of four prowlers against four priests, four courtesans, and four noblemen. Then all you  have to do is killing the other teams. (I think)
 So The AC brotherhood beta is actually very good when it works. The graphics are pretty much the same as in AC 2 so nothing new here.

Conclusion: If you liked AC 2 and have a ps3 you should defently get the AC Brotherhood beta. It's fun to play it and it doesn't really get boring even if you play it for hours. It do have some problems, but this is just a beta so they'll properbly fix that when the full game comes out.

I'm gonna give this beta a 4/5

It's fun but have some problems.

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See ya-------PeteTheGamer;)

fredag den 24. september 2010

Blog Update 9-24-2010

General: Hi everyone...
Just wanna say that I'll be getting a flat screen (hopefully) HD tv:) This alows me to record gameplay on my Ps3 and put it on my blog:) So you can be looking forward to some Fat Princess, PlayStation Move, and LBP 2 gameplay (when it comes out;D)... Also I'm proberbly gonna be doing some Splinter Cell: Conviction gameplay from my PC....
PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: I do have a life outside the gaming world so I won't be uploading like 10 videos for my blog every day....;P If you want to see more gameplay footage  go to my YouTube channel Gamez4Review .... Here I will be uploading trailers and other game related stuff...

LBP DLC update: Regarding the LBP Halloween DLC. I don't know for certain if I will be buying the DLC (or if it even comes out:P) but i do know that if I have some spare money around halloween I will be buying it and I will be uploading a review on my Blog and some gameplay on my YouTube channel.

Playstation Move: As you've proberbly seen on my blogs main page I will saving some money so that I can buy Playstation Move. This means that I won't be playing alot of expensive games since the PsMove isn't cheap... However, if I get some spare mony i will be getting the LBP dlc and perhaps the Fat Princess DLC or Empire: Total War DLC... But right now all my money are going to PsMove.

PC and Ps3 gameplay: As I already mentioned I will be uploading gameplay from both my PC and my Ps3. Right now I'm only planning on doing PsMove gameplay and Splinter Cell: Conviction gameplay. But in case you want to see some other gameplay you are free to leave a comment on my YouTube page Gamez4Review... I will be checking them and I will be looking into the games that you want to see.

YouTube: On YouTube you can always look a my page since I might be putting up updates and stuff.
Also if you're interrested in gameplay videos you might want to subscribe to Darksydephil. Here you will be finding over 7.000 gameplay videos. Darksydephil isn't uploading videos for this channel anymore though so for newer gameplay you should go to DSPgaming. Here he's putting gameplay that is NON-STREETFIGHTER related... for StreetFighter related  gameplay go to DSPstreetfighter.

Twitter: a place where I'll be updating alot on my plans for the future and stuff is my Twitter page. It's called PeteTheGamer. I will be updating weekly if not daylie here.

So ehm nothing else to say right now:) I will be keeping you updated if anything changes and well see ya;)

søndag den 12. september 2010

Mafia II Made Man review.

Made Man is one of the three DLC's for Mafia II.  It contains two brand new costumes and two brand new cars.

Content details: Okay so as I said it contains two new costumes. The first costume is a regular suit that will defenetley make you look a little like James Bond. It's a black jacket and black trousers with a white shirt and a butterfly. The other costume is not really as sophisticated as the first but it's defenetley cool to look at. It's basicly    sand-coloured jacket and trousers with a white shirt and purple sunglasses. It's a little more ''loose'' than the other suit.
With ''Made Man'' you also get (as I mentioned earlier) two cars. The first car is a really big, beautiful car with a very nice sound to it. It looks alot like an old red and blue Mercedes. It's a bit slow but defenetly fun to drive around in. It handles okay but isn't really as good as the outstanding handling of the other car contained in this DLC. So a pretty good car but defenetly not the best in the game.
Moving on to the next car in the DLC, wich is actually alot more modern than the other one. It's a beautiful sports car-ish, red speed-devil. It's defenetly the best thing about this DLC, because it's so fast and so easy to handle compared to the other car in this DLC. It's -as I already mentioned- really cool to look at and will defenetly not be parked in your garage for long in this game. And if you (wich is highly unlikely) still want more speed, you can always go and get it tuned at the bodushop in the game, and then it will go really, REALLY fast.

Conclusion: If you're looking for a good DLC for this game and you've got about ten extra dollars you want to spend then this DLC is defenetly something you want to look for.

Final verdict: 4/5

Feel free to comment about your opinion on the DLC and this review. See ya;)

torsdag den 9. september 2010

Mafia II review

Mafia 2 is the long awaited sequal to Mafia, wich was developed eight years ago by a little Czhech game developer company called  Tiscali Games. Ever since have rumors been going on about a new Mafia game coming out. And here we are in 2010 finally being able to play Mafia II.

Story: The game takes place in the early 1940's right in the middle of World War II. Vito and his family originally came from Italy, but early in Vitos childhood they moved to America in hope for a better life. In the game you play as a young man called Vito Scaletta who gets arrested for robbing a store with hes best friend Joe Barbaro. Here he can choose between either going to jail or serve as a soldier in the war currently going on in Sicily. Vito desides to go to war instead of prison and ends up getting shot. He survives though and gets sent back to America. Hes father is now dead and hes mom and sister now lives alone in a little apartment. When Vito gets home he finds out that the dad had alot of debts to pay before he died that he didn't get to pay, so the  family ows a lot of money to different loaner sharks. When Vito finds out of this he asks his good friend Joe for help and Joe then gets Vito in touch with the Mafia. Of course this isn't just a game where you do everything you're told so of course there will be alot of twists in the story. I give the story a 5/5 because it's very easy to get into and will at times catch you of guard and surprise you.

Gameplay: Mafia II contains of the different types of game play. Third person cover shooting, driving and stealth. The shooting in this game is good. You basicly move from cover to cover shooting your enemies. The targeting system is fine but defentley not the thing they've been using most time on making since it feels a bit to easy to shoot a guy in the head with a gun while running around, dodging cars trying to hit you. So the shooting is a bit to easy I think.

In Mafia II you'll be driving alot, so ofcourse it's important to have a good driving system in the game. Well don't worry cause the driving in this game is fun, and realistic. When you hit the gas it doesn't just feel like you're driving regular car, no it feels like you're driving an old and really heavy car, therefore the driving in this game won't be too fast but fast eneugh to keep you satisfied. Unfortunately I just feel like there's to much driving in the game. Every time you get a mission you have to drive to it, and it's most likely to be really, REALLY far away from you, wich means that after getting halfdone with the game  you'll be bored with the driving and just want to quit.

 Now in Mafia II you'll also encounter a couple of moments where you have to be stealthy and sneak around without being spotted by the patrolling guards. Now unlike the driving I just can't seem to get eneugh of the stealth in this game, cause they've made it so awesome. Sneaking around the corridors and hiding behind objects is really frun in this game. The enemie AI is good so you won't feel that it's to easy and killing your enemies will only make you earn less money wich makes this part of the game so exciting since you have to sneak all the time.

But don't let the okay-ish shooting and the boring driving hold you back cause' the story in this games is more than eneugh to keep you motivated and that's why I'mj giving the gameplay a 4,5/5

Graphics: Now Mafia II is a next gen game, so ofcourse we expect good graphics in a game like this. Now if you're getting the game for PC or 360, you can look forward to some great graphics. You'll see stuff like realtic moving clothes and really highly detailed enviorments. But if you,on the other hand is getting the game for ps3, might be a little disapointed, since the graphics are a bit worse for ps3 than PC and 360. But you won't really be thinking about that when you're playing the game. This game uses (as many other games) the Nvidia PhysX engine. This engine makes it possible for the developers to make things (such as boxes, bottles and cover) be destroyed in a very realistic way. This ads  to the action as you can't just sit in the same spot all the time.
So based on the PC and 360 graphics with the PhysX and the very realistic clothes, the graphics gets a 4,5/5. But if we were talking ps3 grahpics it would be 3,5/5.

Conclusion: Mafia II is all in all a very good game. is it worth 60 dollars? Yes I would say it is, based on the great story you get in the game and the pretty good gameplay. The game is a little short, but there is lots of replayabilitie in this game. If you like good graphics, lots of driving, stealth and a great story, Mafia II is just the thing for you.

Story: 5/5
Gameplay: 4,5/5

Final: 4,7/5

If you're not to sure about getting Mafia II I recommend you go get the Demo right now. See ya;)

søndag den 5. september 2010

InFamous 2 gameplay!

Here's some brand new gameplay for the ps3 EXCLUSIVE InFamous 2....


lørdag den 4. september 2010

R.U.S.E. Demo Review.

If you're a fan of RTS games (real time stragety) you've probably already heard about R.U.S.E. and maybie even downloaded the demo to your PC, Ps3 or xbox 360.... But here's a review of the demo. R.U.S.E. is -as I already mentioned- an RTS game... but a different one. If you've been playing Starcraft 2, and games like that, R.U.S.E. might surprise you... why? Well because instead of the game just throwing you into a giant map with huge wars going on, R.U.S.E. actually takes place on an actual map.... I'm not kiding.... just a map.... made of paper.... this might sound weird and it certanly is, but after using about 10+ minuts on the demo you start realizing why they put this into the game.... IT LET'S YOU KEEP AN OVERVIEW OF THE BATTLE! With the game taking place on a paper map you can actually see everything about what's goin on around the battlefield... of course you can zoom in and then look at the game as a regular RTS game but zooming out really gives you an advantage over the enemies... Of course like alot of others RTS games, you have to take over bases and build your own.... then you traine soldiers, build tanks and send out spyes to spot any enemie that might be approaching your base..... So the goal is basicley to take over the map.....
When zoomed in the landscape looks AMAZING! the amount of details in this game makes you want to stay zoomed in and not really use the whole zoom out thing.... the story is.... well there is really no story in the demo.... all you know is that it takes place in the middle of World War II.. but don't let that discourage you from getting the demo.....
Gameplay is well pretty slow to be onest but that doens't matter in a game like this, you just wanna build some bases and kick some a**....
 it can be downloaded right from PlayStation Store, Steam and XboxLive....

Gameplay: 3/5
Story: 2/5
Enemie AI: 3/5

Final Verdict: 3.9/5

If you are a fan of the RTS genre you should defenetley buy this game.... See ya;)

Vanquish Demo Review. (Ps3)

Time for my very first review. Today I'm gonna be reviewing the new Vanquish Demo that just got released on PlayStation Store and XboxLive.... Okay so Vanquish is a ''Third Person Cover Shooter'' (like Gears of War) and is of course set in the middle of a great war like the rest of the games in the same genre is.... In the Demo you won't really hear anything story related but I believe of what I've been reading that the story simpley is that Russia attacks America and America wants to fight back..... The little twist here is that it's set in the future and you're this supersoldier-robot thing... So you've got some awesome powers such as dashing REALLY fast around the battle field giving you the advantage of speed, you also get a pretty neat slow-motion power that alows you to almost freeze time and shoot your enemies in the head while you are dodging there deadly bullets....
Sounds cool right? Well a game like this wouldn't be cool without some cool graphics.... Well don't worry, cause' the graphics in this game are STUNNING.... Everything on the battlefield is so detailed, everything from the BIGGEST explosions (and there will be alot of explosions) to the smallest details on your awesome super suit is really awesome to look at.....
But what about the Gameplay? Well the gameplay has everything you could possibly ask for in a ''third person cover shooter''.... It's really fast..... And I mean REALLY fast.... In the demo you will see that you always have to be on the move, cause' your enemies are smart enough to sneak behind you without you seeing it and shoot you in the back....
The boss you will encounter in the demo is just as smart. You can try to hide behind cover but the most of the cover in this game is destructable, and the boss knows that.... it will try to shoot up the cover you are hiding behind and then send a really powerfull laser beam in your way.... So the enemy AI is really good.....

Gameplay: 4/5
Enemie AI:4/5

Final verdict:4,7/5 

You should defenetley go get the demo and see if this is anything for you:) See ya;)

fredag den 3. september 2010

New kid on the blog ;)

This is my first blog ever and my first post!
On this blog I plan to post reviews on my fave games.....and some bits and pieces about this and that ;D
Coming up soon: Vanquish Demo Review.......see ya ;)