Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Beta review!

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Beta REVIEW!

fredag den 24. september 2010

Blog Update 9-24-2010

General: Hi everyone...
Just wanna say that I'll be getting a flat screen (hopefully) HD tv:) This alows me to record gameplay on my Ps3 and put it on my blog:) So you can be looking forward to some Fat Princess, PlayStation Move, and LBP 2 gameplay (when it comes out;D)... Also I'm proberbly gonna be doing some Splinter Cell: Conviction gameplay from my PC....
PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: I do have a life outside the gaming world so I won't be uploading like 10 videos for my blog every day....;P If you want to see more gameplay footage  go to my YouTube channel Gamez4Review .... Here I will be uploading trailers and other game related stuff...

LBP DLC update: Regarding the LBP Halloween DLC. I don't know for certain if I will be buying the DLC (or if it even comes out:P) but i do know that if I have some spare money around halloween I will be buying it and I will be uploading a review on my Blog and some gameplay on my YouTube channel.

Playstation Move: As you've proberbly seen on my blogs main page I will saving some money so that I can buy Playstation Move. This means that I won't be playing alot of expensive games since the PsMove isn't cheap... However, if I get some spare mony i will be getting the LBP dlc and perhaps the Fat Princess DLC or Empire: Total War DLC... But right now all my money are going to PsMove.

PC and Ps3 gameplay: As I already mentioned I will be uploading gameplay from both my PC and my Ps3. Right now I'm only planning on doing PsMove gameplay and Splinter Cell: Conviction gameplay. But in case you want to see some other gameplay you are free to leave a comment on my YouTube page Gamez4Review... I will be checking them and I will be looking into the games that you want to see.

YouTube: On YouTube you can always look a my page since I might be putting up updates and stuff.
Also if you're interrested in gameplay videos you might want to subscribe to Darksydephil. Here you will be finding over 7.000 gameplay videos. Darksydephil isn't uploading videos for this channel anymore though so for newer gameplay you should go to DSPgaming. Here he's putting gameplay that is NON-STREETFIGHTER related... for StreetFighter related  gameplay go to DSPstreetfighter.

Twitter: a place where I'll be updating alot on my plans for the future and stuff is my Twitter page. It's called PeteTheGamer. I will be updating weekly if not daylie here.

So ehm nothing else to say right now:) I will be keeping you updated if anything changes and well see ya;)

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