Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Beta review!

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Beta REVIEW!

lørdag den 4. september 2010

Vanquish Demo Review. (Ps3)

Time for my very first review. Today I'm gonna be reviewing the new Vanquish Demo that just got released on PlayStation Store and XboxLive.... Okay so Vanquish is a ''Third Person Cover Shooter'' (like Gears of War) and is of course set in the middle of a great war like the rest of the games in the same genre is.... In the Demo you won't really hear anything story related but I believe of what I've been reading that the story simpley is that Russia attacks America and America wants to fight back..... The little twist here is that it's set in the future and you're this supersoldier-robot thing... So you've got some awesome powers such as dashing REALLY fast around the battle field giving you the advantage of speed, you also get a pretty neat slow-motion power that alows you to almost freeze time and shoot your enemies in the head while you are dodging there deadly bullets....
Sounds cool right? Well a game like this wouldn't be cool without some cool graphics.... Well don't worry, cause' the graphics in this game are STUNNING.... Everything on the battlefield is so detailed, everything from the BIGGEST explosions (and there will be alot of explosions) to the smallest details on your awesome super suit is really awesome to look at.....
But what about the Gameplay? Well the gameplay has everything you could possibly ask for in a ''third person cover shooter''.... It's really fast..... And I mean REALLY fast.... In the demo you will see that you always have to be on the move, cause' your enemies are smart enough to sneak behind you without you seeing it and shoot you in the back....
The boss you will encounter in the demo is just as smart. You can try to hide behind cover but the most of the cover in this game is destructable, and the boss knows that.... it will try to shoot up the cover you are hiding behind and then send a really powerfull laser beam in your way.... So the enemy AI is really good.....

Gameplay: 4/5
Enemie AI:4/5

Final verdict:4,7/5 

You should defenetley go get the demo and see if this is anything for you:) See ya;)

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