Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Beta review!

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Beta REVIEW!

onsdag den 6. oktober 2010

LATE Assassin's Creed Brotherhoood multiplayer beta review

Finally! The Assassin's Creed Brotherhood multiplayer beta is here! And can now be downloaded from plastation store.
AC brotherhood is the newest addition to the Assassin's Creed fanchize. It has been set to come out in November, but now the happy Ps3 owners can download the exclusive multiplayer beta.
So what is AC brotherhood? Well he game itself is a direct sequel to AC II. You will once again step into the Animus and here you will, once again, play as Ezio Auditore de Firenze. But this time he's not just the young boy we left in AC 2. No now he's all grown up and is now the leader of hes very own brotherhood of assassins.
In the beta you will get to try one of the two different multiplayer modes there is to be found in AC brotherhood. This mode is called ''wanted''.
What the ''wanted'' mode is, is you selecting one of eight different charecters.
You can play as either the barber, the doctor, the nobleman, the prowler, the priest/monk, the courtesan, the engineer and the executioner.
Each charecter has got their own unique style of killing their enemies. Fx. the barber uses his razor blade to get behind people and then slit their throat.
Now there is also another charecter. This is the smugler. The smugle is the closest you'll get to a female Ezio or Altair. She's got a hidden blade like we're used to, but this times instead of beeing under her arm, it's now on top of her arm. Now the smugler is only playable when beeing disguised. You'll morph into a smugler in a short period of time. ''disguising'' is an unlockable abilitie like ''morphing'', ''hidden gun''and 'smoke bomb''. These gets unlocked as you gain more experience throughout the game.
As I mentioned ealier there are two game modes. Wanted and Alliance. In "wanted" you choose between the charecters that are available (only one of each charecter pr. match) and your objective is then to find and kill a target that is given to you as stealthy as possible. But while hunting this target you will be hunted as well by another player. You can have multiple hunters at once depending on how good you're doing in the match. If you're doing awesome and lieing in the top of the list, you will automaticly have more hunters. This ofcourse makes for a very challenging game as it's impossible to spot your pursuier if he's being very stealthy. The reson why your enemie (and yourself when you're hunting someone) has to be stealthy, is because when he spots you and you get into his line of sight he has to start walking instead of running. Cause if he starts running inside your "area" you will be alerted and you can now make your escape. It is possible to be killed by your pusuier but it's easyer for you to spot him now since he'll proberbly be running.
The only way to escape your hunter is to, first of all, break the line of sight by running around a corner or jump of a building. Second of all you have to find the nearest haystack, bench or group of people to hide. in This will make your "escape meter" (in the right of the screen) go empty alot faster. Keep in mind if your target gets to close to you, you will have to escape and by that fill up your "escape meter" and you'll have to start over and try to escape. Now though this may sound fun it can be rather frustrating. Simply because sometimes when your pursuier is 2-5 meters behind you, and you then jump of a building, you will sometimes teleport back onto the building and then get killed by your enemie. This can be really frustrating since you'll lose your killstreak.
But when the multiplayer does work, it works GREAT! It's really fun and challenging and makes you feel like a really badass assassin when snekaing up on your contract and slitting hes throat with you knife, without anybody seeing anything.
The differnt abilities you can get are fun to use and it's good to know that the better you get the harder it gets.
Now although this mode isn't in the beta i can still tell you a bit about the "Alliance" mode. This mode is pretty much your ordanary "Team Deathmatch". You are divided into four teams where every one on each team are the same charecter. Fx. a team of four prowlers against four priests, four courtesans, and four noblemen. Then all you  have to do is killing the other teams. (I think)
 So The AC brotherhood beta is actually very good when it works. The graphics are pretty much the same as in AC 2 so nothing new here.

Conclusion: If you liked AC 2 and have a ps3 you should defently get the AC Brotherhood beta. It's fun to play it and it doesn't really get boring even if you play it for hours. It do have some problems, but this is just a beta so they'll properbly fix that when the full game comes out.

I'm gonna give this beta a 4/5

It's fun but have some problems.

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