Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Beta review!

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Beta REVIEW!

tirsdag den 19. oktober 2010

Splinter Cell: Conviction "Tips & Trix"

1# "Stay in the dark"
In Splinter Cell: Conviction, it's akways important to stay in the shadows. This allows you to stay hidden untill an enemie is really close. Remember to move slow as long you're in the dark, as this will help you stay undetected.

2# "Use only one bullet pr. kill"
Using more than one bullet pr. kill, will result in your enemie becoming aware of your presence. They will start yelling and shooting wich will atract other gurad to your position. So save your bullets.

3# "Always attach silencer"
The most important thing about your weopons, is the silencer. If a silencer isn't attached to your weopon it will lead to your enemies, always knowing your position when shooting someone. This will atract other guards to your last known position.

4# "have patience"
In this game it's always important that you take your time to figure out how to attack your enemies. If an attack isn't planned well enough it could result in and alarm going of, a security cam spotting you or a gurd starting to shoot at you. This will make the process of completing your mission more complicated.

5# "Use alot of melee kills"
The best way to kill an enemie in Splinter Cell: Conviction, is to silently killing them up close. This is silent and can't go wrong, as long as you move in a slow tempo and stay hidden in the shadows.

6# "Execute as much as possible"
When melee killing an enemie you'll gain an "execute mark". This allows you to mark and execute an enemie, with no chance of missing. Though it's tough to gain execute marks, it's easy to use them, and is much faster than trying to aim at your enemies head and then hope for a clean hit.

That was all we had this time in "tips  & trix" but stay tuned for more ways to improve your gaming skills!

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