Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Beta review!

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Beta REVIEW!

mandag den 18. oktober 2010

Splinter Cell Double Agent vs Splinter Cell Conviction

Splinter Cell: Double Agent and Splinter Cell: Conviction are two of the most famous Splinter Cell games out there. They are both totally unique their own way and delivers a great gaming experience. But beeing two of the most played Splinter Cell games, also means that you do have to compare them to one another. And that's exsacly what we'll do here. We'll be comparing them in storyline, graphics, gameplay and controls So get ready!

Storyline:Splinter Cell Double Agent and Splinter Cell Conviction are two games that both are driven by a very similar story, since they're both based on Sam Fishers daughters tragic death.
Double Agents story starts of when Sams daughter gets hit by a car and dies. This leads to him, going completely nuts. To get him up and running again his boss asigns him to an underciver mission, to stop an evil terrorist orgenisation. He starts of in prison, where he quickly makes friends with some of the natives. They then help him to infiltrate this terrorist orgenisation. That's pretty much the story of Double Agent.
In Conviction, Sam starts of by getting a phone call from a former colleague. She tells him that his daughter didn't die at the car accident and she knows where she is. All he needs to do is finding her. And ofcourse help his former company to avert an attack from, you guessed it, an evil terrorist orgenisation.
So as you can see, the stories of the two games are very similar. And that might be exsacly what does that I think that double Agent has the best storyline. The reason for this is that I just feel that I've already seen the story of Conviction. It doesn't really add anything new to the story.
SCORE: Double Agent 1 - Conviction 0

Graphics: Now, the first thing you'll properbly notice when firering up Splinter Cell Conviction is the very, VERY good graphics. Pretty much everything is looking good, and I'm talking everything from the smallest bullethole in somebodys head, to the very realistic charecter modeling of Sam and your enemies. So it's no secret that the, ok-ish graphics of Double Agent, is no match to Conviction. But I'm not gonna be comparing those two on graphics. I'm gonna be comparing them on how innovative the two games where, graphics wise. Splinter Cell: Double Agent didn't do much to reinvision, the level of graphics available at the time of its release. But what it did do though, was to step up the level of detail, on the different charecters in the game. This resulted in some really great in-game cutscenes. But beyond that, there isn't really much new to be had in this game. It's a beautiful game, but certanly not one of the most innovative of it's time.
Splinter Cell: Conviction though, has a much higher level of detail in it's enviorments than most other games, that came out back then. Also,  the charecter modeling has been improved alot wich results in even more beautiful in-game cutscenes, than Splinter Cell: Double Agent. So Splinter Cell: Conviction, gets a point for it's very innovative style of upping the graphics for, not only the charecter models, but for the really great enviorments of Convicion as well.
SCORE Splinter Cell: Double Agent 1 - Splinter Cell: Conviction 1

Gameplay: Splinter Cell: Double Agent consists of one main gameplay style, and that is "stealth". Although only one gameplay style may seem to be a lack of care for the game from the developers, it's actually not that bad. The stealth in Splinter Cell: Conviction is really good, do to the new thinking from the Ubisoft Montreal team. Because instead of giving us a slow stealth game, where you just watch guards walking back and forth, Double Agent actually ads some speed and action into your regular stealth gameplay. It requires you plan your attacks well and be really fast when you attack. This just shows how much time Ubisoft must have used when developing this game.
Now, Splinter Cell: Conviction takes alot of the same "stealthy-action-speed" gameplay style from Double Agent, but refines it. This means that you in Conviction have to plan your attacks even better and alot more precise than in Double Agent. This also leads to you taking some serious risks of beeing spotted by the other guards or simply failing in killing the guards that you attack. But in Conviction, these risks are worth taking, since you'll feel like a reall badass spy if you succeed. Besides the refined stealth gameplay, Slpinter Cell: Conviction, ads alot more action into the game. So sometimes instead of sneaking around with your little silenced hand gun, you'll actually run around, shooting up enemies with your machinegun. This ads alot of variety in the game and never makes you feel like you're just doing the same things over and over again.
So I'm gonna give Splinter Cell: Conviction one point.
SCORE Splinter Cell: Double Agent 1 - Splinter Cell: Conviction 2

Controls: There is really not much to say about the controls in these two games. I mean Splinter Cell: Double Agent didn't really do anthing at all to change its control layout and neither did Conviction. So here I gotta say, it's a tie. One point for Conviction and one point for Double Agent.
SCORE Splinter Cell: Double Agent 2 - Splinter Cell: Conviction 3

Splinter Cell wins do to the greater variety of gameplay and the very, VERY good graphics.

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