Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Beta review!

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Beta REVIEW!

lørdag den 9. oktober 2010

"Tips and Trix" #1 AC: Brotherhood beta

Here's Some tips and tricks for the AC: Brotherhood Beta.

Tip #1, "Smoke Bomb Pursuit" (Required: Smoke Bomb)
When beeing hunted by another player a smoke bomb can be very useful to escape your pursuier. It can be used as a way of temporary stoppong your enemie from hunting you, but it can also be used as a method of completly escaping your foe. This is done by stopping up when beeeing hunted and then try to spot your pursuier. When you see him you wait untill he's almost right next to you. Now you throw a smoke granade to stop him, and then you can get up close wit him. When standing right beside him you then press the O bottun (circle), this alowes you to humiliate him by punching him in the head and by that stopping him in his pursuit.
Tip #2, "Morph Target" (Required: Morph)
In the beta you will also be able to perform the "morph" abilitie. This abilitie alows you to transform the group of people wich you're hiding in to morph into the charecter that you play as. This makes it difficult for your pursuier to find since there will proberbly be five of you instead of just one.
Now this power can also be used to track down an enemie. Cause' when an enemie uses this abilitie it's gonna confuse you and you'll kill an innocent instead of the actual target. So instead of using all that time to find out who's your target, you can simply morph that group of people and the one charecter that doesn't morph will be your target.
A simple way of locating your target.
Tip #3, "Stay High"
When pursuing your target it's always a good thing to stay on the roof tops both when you're in high and low profile. Not only does this let you keep an eye on your target the whole time, but it allows you to keep following him even when he shuts a door behind him to block your path. And even better is it that if you kill your target stealthy from a roof top you'll gain a alot more xp than you would by a regular stealth kill.
-Keep in mind that staying on rooftops will make it very easy for your pursuier to spot you, since it's impossible for you to blend in with any crowd-
Tip #4, "Be Paranoid"
In AC: Brotherhood it's always good to be VERY paranoid. This means that you constantly have to watch your back everywhere you go. Cause' remember that the really hardcore players knows exacly how to look like an ordenary NPC. So nomatter where you are you should always be awere of your enemie.

These are my "tips and trix" for the AC brotherhood beta

see ya----- PeteTheGamer;)     

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